New Honda CR-V



New Honda CR-V needs no introduction to Indian. Having established itself for its entirety as a 5-seat no-nonsense, low-maintenance, petrol SUV. However, with the all-new generation model, Honda aims to change that image with a 7-seat option, and if reports are to be believed, a diesel engine as well.


As far as the exterior is concerned, the 2017 CR-V sports aggressively styled front and rear fascias with optional LED headlights. It isn’t a large departure from the outgoing CR-V’s design in that the overall shape remains more-or-less the same, especially when viewed from its side profile. There are no over-the-top design elements to make the CR-V look rugged, rather, the CR-V gives a rather good impression of being a practical family tourer which wouldn’t be uncomfortable with mild off-roading.

New Honda CR-V Exterior front face
New Honda CR-V Exterior front face

Where the outgoing CR-V measured 4,545 x 1,820 x 1,685 (L x W x H in mm), the 2017 model is longer and wider at 4,596 x 1,855 x 1,679, albeit a tad bit shorter. The wheelbase has also increased from 2,620 to 2,660 mm, which is apparent when you walk around the SUV.

New Honda CR-V Interior with back and boot space
New Honda CR-V back and boot space


Step indoors, and you are greeted with a modern, well built, user friendly cabin. As soon as you are sat inside, you notice the sheer space on offer: I felt I was sitting inside a much larger Toyota Land Cruiser-sized vehicle!

New Honda CR-V Interior with stereo and controls
New Honda CR-V Interior with stereo and controls

The driver is treated to a VW-like fully-digital instrument cluster which, as you might have guessed, can display various things like music, navigation, vehicle settings, service intervals etc., The minimalist center console features a 7-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Features Like Sunroof and Moon Roof

New Honda CR-V Interior with sun roof
New Honda CR-V Interior with sun roof

The design of the screen itself, without any borders, is very BMW-like, though this Honda system is very easy to use in comparison to an iDrive. Unlike other displays which are quite inconvenient to touch, the 2017 CR-V sports a capacitive type unit, and features like pinch-to-zoom work rather well.


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