Kawasaki has updated the colour and graphic options for a number of models for the model year 2018. These updates include addition of new colours as a whole paint scheme, or to the existing schemes for a two-tone look. These changes will soon make it to the new batch of models. Of the top-of-the line supercharged siblings, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R gets an all new color and graphic treatment that is yet to be disclosed. The Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon will receive a mirror-coated spark black color in conjunction with matte spark black colour, giving it a dual-tone look.

2018-ninja-h2r-02The supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R to receive all new paint-scheme

2018-ninja-h2-carbon-02The Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon gets mirror-coated spark black with matte spark black dual-tone paint-job

The KRT editions of the Ninja 650 and Ninja ZX-10R will sport a dual-colour scheme with lime green as the base colour. The secondary colour for the Ninja 650 KRT would be ebony and that for the Ninja ZX-10R KRT will be metallic graphite grey.

lime-green-with-ebony-02The Kawasaki Ninja 650 KRT in its lime green with ebony coloured attire

lime-green-ebony-and-metallic-graphite-grey-02The Kawasaki ZX-10R KRT gets lime green paint in conjunction with metallic graphite grey

A combination of carbon grey and emerald blazed green will make its way onto the ZZR1400 and ZZR1400 Performance Sport’s body, albeit with variation in the graphical application.

metallic-carbon-grey-and-emerald-blazed-green-02The Kawasaki ZZ1400 is dominated by carbon grey with emerald blazed green highlights

emerald-blazed-green-and-metallic-carbon-grey-02The Kawasaki ZZ1400 Performance Edition also uses carbon grey and emerald blazed green paint-scheme

The Kawasaki Z1000 R Edition not only receives updated graphics in metallic matte carbon grey with metallic spark black, but also features new indicators. Two updated dual-tone colour schemes will adorn the Versys 1000 models, namely metallic flat spark black with metallic spark black and lime green with metallic spark black. There will also be a tri-colour option comprising of candy fire red with metallic flat spark black and metallic spark black.

metallic-matte-carbon-grey-and-metallic-spark-black-02The Kawasaki Z1000 R Edition in its metallic carbon grey with metallic spark black colour coat

metallic-flat-spark-black-with-metallic-spark-black-02The metallic flat spark black with metallic spark black colour-scheme on the Kawasaki Versys 1000

candy-lime-green-and-metallic-spark-black-02The Kawasaki Versys 1000 bathed in lime green with metallic spark black

candy-fire-red-metallic-flat-spark-black-and-metallic-spark-black-02The Kawasaki Versys 1000 with itr tri-tone candy fire red with metallic flat spark black and metallic spark black paint-job

Kawasaki will also extend the color updates to their scooter range, specifically the J-family. The J300 gets a metallic anthracite black and metallic-flat anthracite black, and a metallic matte gunmetal grey. The J125 shares the flat anthracite black and matte gunmetal grey, both in metallic finish, with the J300.

metallic-anthracite-black-02The Kawasaki J300 in all metallic anthracite black colour

metallic-flat-anthracite-black-02-(1)The Kawasaki J125 wearing the metallic flat anthracite black colour scheme

metallic-matte-gunmetal-grey-02-(1)The matte gunmetal grey colour option on the Kawasaki J125

These changes will be seen on the new batch of models for model year 2018. Though Kawasaki hasn’t said when will these updated models make to the showrooms, we believe they might be up at the stores before the end of this year. India may also get them soon thereafter.


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