The German Auto Giant Announces A Host Of After sales Measures To Make Life Easier For Those Impacted By The Natural Calamity

No one has ever been equipped or prepared enough to fight Mother Nature in her vengeance mode. But things can surely be done to help the affected and get them back on track as soon as possible. That’s exactly what Mercedes-Benz India wants for its customers who were left stranded or faced technical difficulties with their premium cars during the recent floods that hit the nation’s financial capital.

Mercedes-Benz’s partner Allianz Global is recovering the affected vehicles and the retail network teams are injecting additional manpower to support the customers. Here’s what a Mercedes-Benz customer can expect, depending on what kind of work is required on the vehicle:

  • Faster recovery of affected vehicles via Allianz Global
  • Both dealers in Mumbai to waive off towing charges, if applicable, for cars recovered via Allianz Global
  • Special discounts for spare parts
  • Shipment charges waived off if parts are procured via air courier
  • Quicker processing of Mercedes-Benz insurance claims
  • Designated teams at both dealerships in Mumbai for faster turnaround time
  • Neighbouring dealers to support by providing trained manpower, parts etc.
  • Mercedes-Benz technical experts to supervise dealers and also offer consulting to customers whenever required

Maintaining a premium car has always been a bit of a handful. Having said that, if companies come forward to help their customers in dire need like these and redefine what customer centricity is, it would leave a long lasting impression in its own good way. Do let us know what you feel about this move from Mercedes-Benz in the comments section below.


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