Bugatti Chiron does 0-400 KMPH In Just 32.6 Seconds



It is part of human nature to cross boundaries and set new records – to run 100 m faster than ever before, to fly even further into space and to enter new realms. This striving is also our driving force at Bugatti. The Chiron is the result of our efforts to make the best even better. Bugatti has tested the limits of physics. There is no area where we have not achieved significant improvements.

New Bugatti Chiron
New Bugatti Chiron

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The Chiron1 is the most modern interpretation of Bugatti’s brand DNA and embodies our new design language. The styling accentuates the performance aspect of the super sports car. The motto adopted by the Bugatti designers for the Chiron was “Form follows Performance”. Inspired through Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic the new design language is characterised by extremely generous surfaces, which are demarcated by pronounced lines in the case of the Chiron. Thereby most of these elements have a technical background and have been designed to fully accentuate the growing performance requirements of the Chiron

New Bugatti Chiron
New Bugatti Chiron front


In order to achieve a 25 percent increase in performance compared to its predecessor, almost every single part of the engine was looked at and newly developed. This feat of engineering resulted in the W16 engine of the Bugatti Chiron1 being able to develop an unbelievable 1,103 kW (1,500 bps) from its 8 litres of displacement. The engine reaches its maximum torque of 1,600 Nm thanks to the turbocharger which Bugatti actually even developed itself. The 4 turbochargers are now double-powered and already guarantee maximum torque at 2,000 rpm, and the torque is maintained at this level all the way up to 6,000 rpm. The result is unbelievable acceleration which only comes to an end in the twilight zone somewhere beyond the 400 km/h mark.

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New Bugatti Chiron top speed
New Bugatti Chiron engine


The Chiron1. Each single Bugatti is a one of a kind – as individual as its owners. The level of individuality that can be achieved is subject to very few limitations. Find your inspiration and experience a small selection of the countless possibilities available.

In the Top Speed mode activated via Speed Key, you can achieve the car’s actual 261 mph (420 kph) electronically-limited speed and it can do standstill to 100 kmph sprint in less than 2.5 seconds. The brakes have been made 20 mm larger and 2 mm thicker with titanium pistons. The revised power steering system enables better response with the changes to the chassis bushings and axles cater for optimum driving output.

New Bugatti Chiron
New Bugatti Chiron back

The 10 radiators dissipate about 3,000 hp of heat rejection and they were re-engineered to reduce cooling drag upon high speeds and the revised water pumps dishes out 200 gallons per minute. The front splitter, air intakes for brake cooling, active air brake and diffuser flap provide additional downforce with reduced aerodynamic drag to have the exotic machine hugged to the ground.


The production capacity of the Chiron will be no more than 500 units sadly. Bugatti is expected to use the same Ehra-Lessien test facility that stretches to 20.92 km long to set the new top speed production car record sometime next year – believed to be around an astonishing 464 kmph.


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